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Distribution of BLT-DD Phase 8 in Srimulyo Village

August 09, 2021
Distribution of BLT-DD Phase 8 in Srimulyo Village

Piyungan (Gerbang Madu News),-  

On Thursday (06/08/2021) at Pendopo Kalurahan Srimulyo, the Government of Srimulyo Village distributed BLT-DD phase 8 in August 2021. The event was attended by Drs. Ismantara (Kamituwo) and 7 people from KPM . The distribution of the 8th stage per KPM will receive a sum of three hundred thousand rupiah (Rp. 300.000,00) in cash without the slightest deduction.


All who attended the BLT-DD distribution continued to comply with health protocols by continuing to use masks and hand sanitizer, considering the spread of the Covid-19 Virus which had not yet subsided.


It is hoped that all KPM who receive BLT-DD can make good use of it. So that it can help the economy in the midst of a pandemic like this. In addition, it is hoped that the Covid-19 virus will disappear soon and the people of Srimulyo Village can carry out normal activities as before the Covid-19 pandemic.

(Foto: Drs. Ismantara, Kontributor: Imana)

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