Vision dan Misssion

24 Agustus 2016
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Vision dan Misssion


"The Realization of a Prosperous Srimulyo Village Community Based on Nusantara Culture"



  • Greening mountains and managing settlements and potential rivers for tourism in the tourism village concept.
  • Making Srimulyo Village be an Integrated Village for industrial area development and tourist villages.
  • The realization of the independence of the Village Government, Village Consultative Agency, Village Community Institutions and the village community of Srimulyo.
  • The realization of a harmonious and conducive partnership between institutions in Srimulyo Village.
  • Strengthen the source of income, wealth, and finances of Srimulyo Village.
  • The realization of democratization, participation, accountability, and transparency in the implementation of the Village Government based on socio-cultural values and local wisdom.
  • Building global partnerships with other institutions and agencies for progress development of the Srimulyo Village.
  • Empowering the potential and resources of Srimulyo Village to the maximum for achieve social welfare.
  • Increasing piety and religious harmony and fostering the character with the personality of the Indonesian Nation.
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