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Pushing for Acceleration of Covid-19 Vaccination, Srimulyo Village Conducts "Srimulyo Geger Vaksin"

27 September 2021
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 Pushing for Acceleration of Covid-19 Vaccination, Srimulyo Village Conducts

Piyungan (Gerbang Madu News),- Wednesday (22/09/2021) at Gelora Prapto Raharjo, Srimulyo, Srimulyo Village Government in synergy with the Bantul District Health Office and the Piyungan Health Center held a Covid-19 vaccine for the Srimulyo people with an age range of > 18 years who had previously registered through Dukuh. This activity takes volunteers or volunteers across institutions/organizations, including Youth Organizations (Karang Taruna), PKK, Pokdarwis, KKN cadres, and health workers from various agencies.


The type of vaccine used in this activity is the Sinovac vaccine produced by Bio Farma sourced from the Bantul District Health Office with a total of 1000 doses. The service starts at 07.30 until 12.00 WIB by bringing ID cards and invitations that have been given previously. The enthusiasm of the people of Srimulyo was very high, as evidenced by the large number of participants who signed up for the vaccine on that day. Vaccination participants were divided into 2 counters, each with 500 participants. Before being given the vaccine, the participants were asked to fill out a screening form of their respective health history, after which the participants would be checked for temperature, blood pressure and other complaints. If a participant is found to have a body temperature, blood pressure above normal, the administration of the vaccine is postponed until it returns to normal. Each counter contains 10 tension check tables, 5 screening tables and 13 data input personnel.


During the administration of this vaccine, keep in mind the health protocols and run smoothly. Participants who have been vaccinated are asked to stay in place for observation which aims to see if there are symptoms or not after being vaccinated and take a vaccine card that has been printed by data input personnel assisted by PKK women from Srimulyo. Furthermore, the administration of the second stage of the vaccine in the first batch will be carried out on October 23, 2021.


Following are the results of the vaccination on 22 September 2021 at Srimulyo Sports Hall:

Target 1.000 doses
Present 1.032 person
Vaccinated 985 person
Cancel 47 person
Postponed 0 person


“Let's go with the vaccine!! Don't be afraid to get vaccines because vaccines can help, prevent and reduce the symptoms of Covid-19 and accelerate herd immunity. The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, keep wearing masks wherever you are, don't be careless and continue to increase vigilance and continue to improve healthy lifestyles."









(Photo: Inoeng, Contributor: Imana)



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