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"Saba Desa" TVRI Visits Srimulyo Village

September 23, 2021
Piyungan (Gerbang Madu News), - Srimulyo Village had the opportunity to be visited by the TVRI Saba Desa television program on last Friday (17/9). In its coverage, Saba Desa explores some of the potential or cultural heritage in Kalurahan Srimulyo with the well-known host Yogyakarta, Angger Sukisno and co-host Podhang Emas as the presenters in the coverage. There are several points to explore including Kampung Aksara, Payak Site, Tinatar Hill and Sunan Geseng Tomb. The coverage was attended directly by the Head of the Department of Culture (Kundha Kakulturn) Kab. Bantul, Mr. Nugroho Eko Setyanto, S. Sos , M.M. 
"The cultural potential of Srimulyo Village is very complete. We should give appreciation because Srimulyo is one of the Villages that still maintains cultural traditions with various innovations," said Nugroho giving appreciation. 
(Photo: Inoeng, Contributor: Je) 
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