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Kamis Aksara, Small Efforts to Communicate Javanese Script in Srimulyo Village

August 12, 2021
Kamis Aksara, Small Efforts to Communicate Javanese Script in Srimulyo Village

Piyungan (Gerbang Madu News), - Based on the data displayed on the website of the Language and Literature Diversity Laboratory at the Language Development and Development Agency (BPPB), there are 718 regional languages ​​recorded in the country. Such a rich cultural diversity, yes Dulur! Uniquely, although there are 718 regional languages ​​in Indonesia, in reality there is not that much repertoire of local scripts, because currently there are only 12 regional scripts that are part of the richness of Indonesian literature and culture, namely Javanese, Balinese, Old Sundanese, Bugis scripts. or Lontara, Rejang, Lampung, Karo, Pakpak, Simalungun, Toba, Mandailing, and Kerinci (Rencong or Incung).


Since the 15th century, the Nusantara script has grown rapidly, marked by a variety of scripts to write various regional languages, until then its role has begun to be shifted by the Arabic alphabet and the Latin alphabet. The use of the Nusantara script declined in the mid-20th century and was only applied in a limited context.


Currently, there is encouraging news that the Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager (PANDI), a non-profit organization commissioned by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo), has digitized seven Indonesian scripts and registered them in Unicode, including the Javanese script. If it is registered with Unicode, then the Nusantara script can be registered with the world internet agency, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). However, the bad news is that until now Javanese script is still being rejected by ICANN on the grounds that Javanese has not been included as the administrative language of Indonesia in ISO 3166-1. In addition, ICANN sees that there is not enough evidence that Javanese script is commonly used by all or part of the Indonesian people and the status of Javanese script in UNICODE is currently still in the Limited Use Script category.


We realize that Javanese script is not yet grounded, only for historical use, education, decoration has not been massively used as a means of communication. "Of course this is a problem for us together. For that, Srimulyo as a small part of the archipelago is present and committed to grounding the script, one of which is the Thursday Aksara. A joint consensus within the Srimulyo Village Government is to communicate in writing using Javanese script and start writing a website with Javanese script," said Nurjayanto, Carik Srimulyo.


Here are some examples of the implementation of Javanese script earthing carried out by Srimulyo Village through Thursday Aksara:

(Photo: Inoeng, Contributor:Je)

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