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Srimulyo Encourages Preservation of Javanese Script through Webinar

September 07, 2021
Srimulyo Encourages Preservation of Javanese Script through Webinar

Piyungan (Gerbang Madu News),- Monday (6/9), The Srimulyo Village Government in synergy with Pokdarwis Gerbang Madu and The Institute for Language, Literature and Javanese Script Development (LPBSA) Kalurahan Srimulyo has completed a webinar with the theme "Javanese Script, Our Way of Privilege". This activity was held in commemoration of International Literacy Day which falls on September 8 and as a form of support for the declaration of Yogyakarta as the City of HaNaCaRaKa. The event which was attended by Participants from The Jogja-Central Java Region presented 4 (four) speakers who gave their exposure related to government policies related to Javanese script and the urgency of earthing Javanese script and its implementation in digital platforms, namely Mr. Aris Eko Nugroho, S.P., M.Si (Paniradya Pati), Tri Agus Nugroho, S.Sos., M.Si. (Head of Maintenance and Development of The History of Literary Language and Museum of diy Cultural Service),  Ahmad Fikri AF (Founder of Kampung Aksara) and Hernindya Wisnu Adji (Chairman of OpenDesa). In this webinar also conducted a demo of java script implementation in digital platforms by Carik Srimulyo, Nurjayanto, S.T.


"There is still a shared PR that the existing condition of Javanese script is still in the form of title / image / attribute / sticker, has not become part of everyday life and is considered to have no economic value. So we need to do a movement that starts from ourselves / personal / family, community, village and government through competitions, awards, stimulants and so on," said Aris in his presentation.


Tri Agus Nugroho also said that Javanese Script is currently still in the Limited Use Script category so it needs a joint movement by utilizing it in at least 3 (three) things, namely the daily scope, learning Javanese script and government bureaucracy. Social movements are meant to condition millennials to be proud and confident to practice. Digitalization of Javanese script is also in order to strengthen our identity.

"From the research conducted, the use of current characters using Javanese script from 5,045 respondents, 75.8% women and 24.2% men. This proves that, women who are often marginalized stuttering technology turns out to show the opposite. Its utilization is more done through social media channels with the dominance of the use of the script through smartphones," tri Agus added.


Meanwhile, Ahmad Fikri began his presentation by quoting remarks delivered by Prof. Yudhogiri Sucahyo, Chairman of PANDI at the Java Script Congress I in March 2021, that the agreement in ICANN states that any script if it does not enter the digital realm will be considered extinct.


"This is a reminder to us how sad the centuries-long history is just because it doesn't exist in the digital world. We need to encourage young communities to use Javanese script as part of their association. It is important for us not to easily blame any expression of Javanese script of the younger generation in digital platforms because the confidence of the younger generation to learn to learn to learn this is the key to the success of the learning for the use of javanese script," fikri asserted.


The Open Digital Village Association or OpenDesa which in fact developed OpenSID which has now been widely used in Indonesia, precisely 12,851 villages also fully support the development of java script utilization in the digital ecosystem that began in Kalurahan Srimulyo. "This good practice will be further developed so that it becomes a snowball kick that has a broad and greater impact on the preservation of other archipelago characters in Indonesia," said Aji, Chairman of OpenDesa who also provides support related to the implementation of Javanese script on kalurahan digital platform. 

(Photo: Inoeng, Contributor: Je)

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